Farewell, Friend: 3 Ways To Say Goodbye To Your Old Car – Lexington, KY

It’s never easy to say goodbye. Going through a breakup is tough. It’s not fun.

I’ve been going through a breakup myself. It was a wonderful one. It was a glorious time, filled with¬†exuberance and pure joy the likes of which I had never felt before. I had never felt that happy in my entire life. And in one swoop, it all came crashing down.

Oh, you thought I was talking about a relationship with my girlfriend? Oh, no. My mistake. I’m talking about DeAndre Jordan spurning the Dallas Mavericks for the Los Angeles Clippers.

I’m still salty about that. Why does life exist the way it does, for someone to offer a careless apology and useless explanation the way he did? I can’t wait for the first Clippers/Mavs game in Dallas so I can hear the boos raining down in the American Airlines Center.

Okay, for the record, I’m over it (I think). I’m more over it than I was a couple of weeks ago. But you can understand my point: It’s tough to say goodbye, even if it was for five days. Just like it would be extremely tough to say goodbye to a car you’ve had for a long time. I just had to say goodbye to my first car ever (a 2007 Ford Focus) and it was a little tough, but something that needed to be done.

If you’ve come to that time in your life where moving on from a car is needed, but you struggle to do it, here’s your chance. Here are three ways to say goodbye to your old car:

Go to a Drive-In Movie

If you want to get sentimental, just go with your car. Don’t bring the kids, don’t bring the wife or husband. Just take a cruise to a drive-in movie and enjoy the night. Share some popcorn if you’d like, even though that’d be such a terrible waste of popcorn.

Take an In-State Road Trip

This is my way of telling you that this is an excuse to drive your car really, really fast one more time. If you’ve ever taken a trip in state, there’s probably enough desert where no one will be around. Take risks and have fun. But please, no drinking. That would be considered terrible.

Jam to Pink Floyd Like You Never Will Again

Or turn up the radio for any type of music you prefer. But if you have a car from the ’70s and somehow have kept it maintained for all these years, you might as well go all out. Just throw in a CD and you’ll be fine. And possibly deaf.


If the time is near to get a new car, then say goodbye to the old hunk of metal and say hello to a new piece of moving machinery at your friendly Lexington Buick GMC dealership. There are plenty of new vehicles to choose from, like a new 2015 Buick Regal Turbo. That model is surely one way to get into a happier state of mind.