Being Safe is Cool: Top 10 Safest Used Cars For Teen Drivers – Lexington, KY

Earning a driver’s license is a big step for a teen, which is usually seen as a mark of independence, maturity and social status among their friends. For a teen, a drivers license can feel like a new level of freedom, and most teens look forward to this milestone years before it happens.

For parents, this achievement means something completely different. We’re certainly proud of our teen for their achievement, but we also want them to drive carefully, responsibly and safely. While we can’t be in the car with them at all times (no matter how much we wish we could be!) we can help by making sure that the car they’re driving is safe.

Luckily, Glenn Buick GMC found the IIHS’ list of the top ten safest used cars for teen drivers that may help you feel a bit more confident when your kid is behind the wheel. (Of course, Buick has two of these ten spots because they’re some of the safest cars around!)

Model Name

Saab 9-5
Lincoln MKS
Buick Regal
Ford Taurus
Buick LaCrosse
Volvo S80
Toyota Prius v
Mercedes-Benz C-Class
Honda Accord
Audi A4

Model Year

2010 and later
2009 and later
2011 and later
2010 and later
2010 and later
2007 and later
2012 and later
2009 and later
2012 and later
2009 and later

With new drivers having a higher rate of getting into minor fender-benders and other mishaps, used cars are a smart choice and usually fairly expensive to insure once they have a few years of driving experience under their belt.

If you have a new teen driver in your household, stop in at Glenn Buick GMC and see what pre-owned Buick inventory they have in stock that could make a dependable and safe ride for your new driver. The safety of your teen is a big deal. But if they’re driving a Buick, be assured that they’re driving one of the top-rated cars in safety!