How To Recover From a Skid – Lexington, KY

Glenn Buick GMC here in beautiful Lexington, Kentucky, knows a thing or two about rugged cars.  One of my favorites is the 2015 GMC Terrain. This compact sport utility vehicle looks like it can handle any road conditions in any weather, good or bad.  Part of the reason I’m so gung-ho about this safe looking vehicle is because I just had a scary experience on a wet road.  I’ve been driving for over 25 years, and it was the first time I ever got caught in a skid!  It had been raining, I was in a hurry, and I missed my turn.  Right when I realized this I pulled the steering wheel to the right too quickly and started to skid on the wet road. Scary! What’s scarier is that it could have been easily prevented if I had followed some basic driving rules.  I was driving too fast, braking too hard, and steering too harshly for the road conditions.  It doesn’t matter if you’ve been driving for five years, or fifty-five, the changes are the same thing will happen to you. Here’s how you can recover if you find yourself in a skid:

Keep Both Hands On The Steering Wheel
You’ll need to maintain a firm grip on the steering wheel so you can control the car when you’re coming out of the skid.  Don’t try to shift gears, flash your lights, or reach for anything while you’re skidding.

Take Your Foot Off The Gas Pedal
One of the most common causes of a skid is driving too fast. You need to take your foot off the gas, so you don’t accidently make the skid worse by accelerating.

Steer Into the Skid
This is a tough one to keep in mind in a panic situation, but if you have a rear wheel drive car, steer towards where your back end is sliding. If you have front wheel drive, straighten the steering wheel; this is going to prevent you from spinning out during the skid.

Use Your ABS
If you feel your brake pedal fluttering, it’s a good thing because it means you have ABS. ABS is a device most newer vehicles have that allows you to keep on steering while braking. There’s a bit of advice called stomp and steer, and it’s useful in just this situation.

As Winter slowly turns towards Spring, there’s sure to be more wet roads.  Remember to drive safely and keep your cool if you do find yourself in a skid. It may be worth your time to head over to Glenn Buick GMC and check out what they have in stock if you’re looking for a safer car.