5 Simple Maintenance Tips for Older Cars – Lexington, KY

MaintenanceBy this, we mean the better the maintenance needs to be! If you have a GMC Sierra 3500 HD, GMC Sierra 1500 Denali, Sierra 3500, or any car over ten years old, really, you have to keep up with the basic maintenance to make sure it will keep running for another ten.  We here at Glenn Buick GMC have put together a list of five of the most important things you can check off to make sure you’re on top of it!

Check The Oil Level
Every other time you go to the gas station, or every time if your GMC uses a lot of oil. If you run out of oil, your engine will seize and that’s pretty much it…your car is done for!

Get Your Oil Changed Regularly
Do this at least every 5,000 miles. This easy maintenance will prolong the life of your GMC by reducing the friction between the moving parts in your engine.

Inspect Your Transmission Fluid
About every 15,000 miles you should take a peek at this vital fluid that’s responsible for lubricating the shifting gears.  You don’t want to be heading from Lexington to Bardstown, Somerset, Campbellsville, or Independence and halfway through find that your car isn’t shifting to a higher (or lower!) gear! We can’t imaging doing any of those drives in first gear!

Replace Your Spark Plugs
About every 60,000 to 80,000 miles you should plan on doing this important step! Worn out plugs can cause misfires, and a really unhappy engine.  Replacing them periodically will keep your engine happy and extend its life.

Brake Service
This is extremely important – we really can’t emphasize this enough. Over time, your brake fluid absorbs water, which makes them less responsive.  In addition, the pads should be checked regularly so you can be sure they’re not worn down.  Taking care of your brakes helps the safety and performance of your vehicle.

Here at Glenn Buick GMC, your safety is our number one concern!  Stop by today for more safety tips, and to check out our new inventory!