Go, Girl: The 2015 Buick Encore is Filled with Female-Friendly Car Features – Lexington, KY

I’m not the feminist, bra-burner type. But there are those moments when I’m in a dressing room trying on an absolutely wonderful skirt and suddenly notice it has a particular pattern or stripe placement that makes it look like I’m about to give birth to a pizza. “A MAN MUST’VE DESIGNED THIS!” I proclaim, vowing to put an end to the injustice of unflattering women’s clothing.

Again, I’m not one who gets bent out of shape about the whole ’50s housewife thing and I don’t parade around demanding wage equality. I don’t hate men. I’m just an average, everyday chick who happens to be a bit envious of the way a lot of today’s products seem to favor males over females in their design, usability and convenience factors. Car manufacturers, I’m looking at you.

Now, I don’t need a hot pink paint job, glitter-encrusted wheels, a flower vase or an on-board vacuum. And I don’t need an audio system that exclusively plays the music of Beyonce and other girly artists. I simply wish for a few thoughtful vehicular features that could make my life a bit easier as an on-the-go woman. Ladies, are you with me? If you are, you’re going to flip for the bounty of available female-friendly car features on the all-new 2015 Buick Encore.

Memory Driver’s Seat

Six-inch stilettos today, ballet flats tomorrow. It’s a rather tiring, ongoing cycle of seat adjusting. I’m sure the 2015 Buick Encore’s available memory driver’s seat was designed to save the personalized settings for two separate drivers, but I like the thought of having one setting for heels and the second for flats a whole lot better. If only there was a foot massager down by the pedals to pamper sore tootsies after a long day in stylish shoes otherwise disguised as torture devices.

120-Volt Power Outlet

At last, a way to cut my morning routine down by at least thirty minutes: I’ll blow dry and straighten my hair during my commute instead of at home! I realize I would probably be the laughing stock of the Internet (or a woman with a revoked driver’s license) if I attempted that, but you’ve got to admit the idea of an on-board 120-volt power outlet sure is handy for a whole multitude of reasons. How about hiring a backseat barista who can use a blender to whip up on-the-go Frappucinos? That seems a tad safer than my four-wheeled beauty salon idea.

Storage Compartments

I often get asked where I’m going because, on many days, I’m lugging along a few extra totes in addition to my handbag. (I once received the “Where Are You Going?” award, an honor that was bestowed upon me on a paper plate by ultra-observant former coworkers.) I’m not going any place in particular on these occasions, I just have a lot of stuff I feel the need to have with me in case of, you know, whatever may spring up. Ladies, you know we’re notorious for this. But I’d be down to leave at least half that useless junk I carry around in any of the storage compartments in the 2015 Buick Encore. With eight beverage holders, storage in all four doors, four bins in the dash area, pockets in the seatbacks and a slide-out bin beneath the passenger seat, there’s a place for absolutely everything. Even a spare set of SPANX.


It’s funny that so few vehicles offer lady-friendly features, especially considering an estimated 80% of car-buying decisions are made by females. But, hey, at least Buick is taking a stride in the right direction with its 2015 Encore. So, crank up Whitney’s “I’m Every Woman” in your ride and hightail it to Glenn Buick GMC in Lexington to find the Encore that kicks your girl power mode into high gear!